Moving and Learning on Purpose

D1 2Know Adventure Coach understands that we live in a world of let’s get the quick fix. We have literally taken on the microwave mentality. I know first-hand that it is challenging to make changes to improve your quality of life. D1 2Know fitness has been created to support your journey towards optimal health by demonstrating activities that improve your way of life physically, mentally and spiritually. As D1 2Know Adventure Coach I share positive energy and love for nature while encouraging as well as motivating people to challenge themselves in order to achieve desired changes. Your body is uniquely yours. Adore It. Celebrate it with movement, meditation, and self care.

Unfortunately we share in an environment with people who find our brown faces in green places as a threat and out of place. We cannot enjoy a hike without being questioned or scrutinized like this is not where we belong. I was questioned by a family while hiking. The questions were as if I had no right to be exploring outdoors. As the A.R.I.E.S. ” Always Ready In Every Situations” I am I politely with a smile shared my backcountry training certification from NOLS “National Outdoor Leadership School” as well as Sierra Club Outings Leadership Training. Lifelong Learning stimulates growth so I encourage others to continue to learn whether your obtain a certification, degree or just a new life lesson. The family said I did not look like I had experience. I kindly inquired what does one with experience look like. They smiled then proceeded on their way in the opposite direction. We all belong here and I will continue to share positivity, self-care, and why we should move in the great outdoors.

Let’s continue to move on purpose while learning how to heal our bodies from the inside out. Connecting with the great outdoors can be invigorating with awesome benefits to your overall well being. When walking, running, hiking, or biking I protect myself with great items from Plutten Outdoor World. One of my hiking must haves is the flipout trekking pole and headlamps as well as multiple other outdoor needs. Please use my code D12Know for a discount on your purchase.

You always had the POWER my Dear, you just had to learn it for yourself

-Glinda- Wizard of Oz

Published by ldchaffee

I walk with women to encourage them to practice self care.  I scout out locations to guide hikes in my state.  My husband and I use to run now we are advid cyclist and two of the nine founders of Soul City Cycling Major Taylor. Now I'm working on my healthier life while encouraging others.

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