Why I must continue Self Care?

I must continue self care to be as physically healthy as I can be. My Dad has been a great provider for everyone in his family. Almost 4 years ago as he prepared for work he suffered a stroke and in that same week he had an aneurysm. The man who has taken care of everyone all my life needs taking care of at all times. I began scheduling more time for self care. My Dad worked all the time without relaxing. It’s been more than 30 years since I’d seen my Dad play his guitar, or do anything to wind down and focus on his life.

I have been focused on workouts, however I have not been a diligent healthy eater. I have learned that I cannot out work what I put in my mouth. I was working out twice sometimes three times a day and would still gain weight because I would eat more than enough for myself as well as someone else. I noticed when we cleaned out my Dad’s freezer after his stroke that he was eating poorly as well. There was pork steak, pork ribs, neckbones, bologna and the list goes on. I personally haven’t ate pork or red meat in over 6 years. It was interesting after making the change to read Eat Right for Your Type Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo with Catherine Whitney. According to this book my blood type requires more vegetables and I should avoid most meats. I continually learn as I live life more intentional.

I practice self care because I don’t want to just live, but live life independently. I don’t want my children or grandchildren to have to alter their lives to care for me. My self care workouts allows me to train others walking, running and cycling. Outdoor activities require proper shoes, clothing, self defense equipment, and lighting. I have been fortunate to find all my needs at Plutten Outdoor World check them out at pluttenow.com use code D12KNOW for 15% off.

Share with me your self care regimen as well as how well it works for you and let me know if you shop at Plutten Outdoor World.


Published by ldchaffee

I walk with women to encourage them to practice self care.  I scout out locations to guide hikes in my state.  My husband and I use to run now we are advid cyclist and two of the nine founders of Soul City Cycling Major Taylor. Now I'm working on my healthier life while encouraging others.

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